Shiseido, as part of their vision as a sustainable beauty company, undertook a project to uncover the beauty that can be found in leftover packaging material . Leftover material, a by-product of the production of packaging for Shiseido’s cosmetics, was cut and three-dimensionally layered to create a variety of metaphorical flowers and seeds expressing ‘beauty’. Over 60 variations were produced using the by-products of a variety of different packaging, and were then combined into a spatial installation as “RE TREE”. The beauty and expression that was able to be created through the use of waste products was astonishing, and this was only achieved by changing our viewpoint to stop simply perceiving the off-cuts as waste, but actively looking for the dormant beauty that lies within everything. We hope that this project, and the message that it portrays about hidden beauty, inspires others and contributes to the creation of a sustainable society.
project info : 

creative Direction: Yosuke Nakazato
design : Koji Nakae, Ryukei Aoyagi

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